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We’d like to help you understand about all sorts of things you can buy to make life in the wild that little bit easier, as well as help you to learn some simple survival techniques if you want to leave the tame campsites and move out into more unsupervised terrain. A Great example is becoming skilled in growing your own – we’ve got some simple information to get started on vanilla and tomatoes.

For example, we’ve got a range of multimedia content, such as videos on knot tying and survival techniques that you can learn use use quickly and simply.

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Metal Detectors Out In Force

It’s been a busy few days on and around the site with thousands of people descending on the town’s beaches following the discovery of gold coins before Christmas by a member of the local detectorist society (who take it much more seriously than the sitcom on TV). As always, news travels fast, and there has been a large influx of people hoping to cash in on the finds.

It’s great for the local area when visitor numbers increase, and time will tell whether or not it’s going to last. Presumably, that will depend on whether more items are found, something that our visitors tell me they’re very optimistic about. If that happens and you’re looking to book a stay over the coming months then you might want to book early, otherwise you’ll need to rely on your survival techniques and try your luck! I’m not particularly familiar with the technical details around their detecting equipment, but was kindly directed towards a website about modern metal detectors by a visitor to our campsite shop yesterday, where I learned a great deal about how they work. I’m not planning to go out and buy one just yet, it seems like you can spend several hundred pounds quite easily, but if the valuable discoveries keep coming, that may quickly change!

Good luck to all our visiting detectorists, and good luck with your hunting!

A Castaway’s Guide to Ultimate Survival Techniques

There is a possibility that one out 10 people can be stranded alone on a deserted island. This common concept can be true and very difficult to survive from. Survival is an innate tendency of humans to endure challenges involving shelter, food, and clothing. Today, the advancement of science and technologies had led humankind to forget even the most basic techniques of survival.

This neglect may cause danger or even death to individuals especially when they are trapped in a precarious situation. This is the reason why people must understand why it is important be prepared at all times. It is normal to panic, but keep in mind that panic can only lead to discomfort and harm. There are ultimate survival techniques that one needs to learn which can be incorporated when one find themselves trapped in an unlikely situation. These are the following:

1. Building fire – One of the most important ultimate survival techniques is learning how to make fire. The benefits of fire can be used for light, cooking food, purifying water, signaling possible rescuers, and supply warmth to the body. When stranded on an island it is natural to be in the territory of wild animals. Fire can keep predators away. Fire can be ignited with the help of a lighter or matchbox. However, if you do not have those kinds of tools, learn how to make a fire by using the old-fashioned way – by rubbing two small rocks to start a fire. Although, this technique can be difficult for some individuals, a little practice can do the trick. Furthermore, do not forget to collect enough wood that can sustain fire for one whole night.

2. Food and Water – When stranded, food and water are essential for survival. It is vital to remember that food and water abundance is different from the civilized world than in an island. A person can survive up to 3 days without drinking water. Consider conserving water at all times and do not ever attempt to drink urine. Collect and stock enough food such as plants, animals, and fruits. Do not try to eat plants and wild berries that are unfamiliar to you. If the cause of the incidence is a plane crash or such, visit the crash site and try to search for food. When drinking water, if possible always boil the water before drinking it. Use a piece of cloth to strain the water to remove any particles in the water.

3. Building a shelter is one of the ultimate survival techniques that are useful when stranded on an island. One of the enemies in survival is maintaining the overall body temperature. Making a shelter can help protect you from direct heat, exposure to wind, rain or even snow. You should practice how to make a quick shelter that can withstand different weather conditions by using materials around you. Do not forget to include creating a hat and keeping your body protected from elements. According to some experts, the layer can trap the air and this can provide the body warmth.

These survival techniques are the most basic, yet helpful approach that a person can perform to survive until any sign of rescue arrives. Thus, there is no assurance that you may not experience any type of threat, whether you encounter one or not, knowing the different survival techniques is very helpful when it comes to survival. Being stranded on a deserted island is a million to nothing chance, however it always pays to be prepared. Therefore, as early as now it will be ideal to learn and understand the different ultimate survival techniques.